Finals WPC 2015: excitement all over

Hi all, the finals are now going on. I’ll publish the results asap. Bram is close to the top-4.
He is working on the third puzzle from this set. The three others can’t solve puzzle number 2.
Florian Kirch has finished the second puzzle and now he is chasing Bram.
Bram finished the third. One more puzzle to go!
All puzzles seem too hard, even on this level.
Bram finished – correct! He is in the top 4!
Now the final 4. Voigt, Endo, Mebane and The Laat. Five puzzles to go!
Voight has 8.30 minutes time advance on Bram.
Voigt has finished the first puzzle.
Bram has started. How to make up time if you are dealing with Ulrich, Ken and Palmer?
Ulrich finished the second, Ken the first.
Palmer has finished the first puzzle as well.
11.47 Ken finishes #2
11.52 Ulrich finishes #3
11.53 Bram finishes #1
11.44 Ken finishes #3
Is it possible for Bram to beat Palmer and reach for the bronze medal?
11.56 Palmer finishes #2
11.58 Ken finishes #4
11.59 Ulrich finishes #4
11.59 Bram finishes #2
12.01 Ken starts all over with the final puzzle.
12.02 Palmer finishes #3
12.03 Ken Endo beats Ulrich Voigt and is the World Puzzle Champion 2015!
12.04 Ulrich made a mistake in the final puzzle.
Now we are waiting for the second and third place. Ken has to wait before he can celebrate. That is why I don’t like this format.
12.08 Bram finishes #3
12.10 Ulrich has finished and is second. Who will be third?
12.11 Palmer has started the last puzzle.
12.16 Bram also started the final puzzle.
12.17 Palmer finished the last puzzle and reaches the third place. Bram is fourth.

End of live coverage.


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